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New Link Consulting provides best-in-class consulting services to our clients in the financial services industry, including buy-side, sell–side and market intermediaries. We combine deep industry and practitioner knowledge with change management skills to deliver our services.


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Our practises address deep issues within each business area. Explore our thinking on why these matter.

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Business Consulting

“Our differentiator is blending subject matter expertise with change management skills. This allows us to deliver quality consulting solutions for our clients”

Claire Lincoln-White, Founding Partner, New Link Consulting

Our practitioners have had extensive experience gained in banks and other financial institutions; we know the industry inside out.

We are an entrepreneurial consultancy, with a flexible, solution-led approach, which brings measurable results on time and within budget. With New Link Consulting as your partner, you will benefit from the collective experience and know-how of some of the financial services industry’s brightest minds, working to find effective solutions to some of the most complex challenges facing your organisation today.

Consulting services and practice centres of excellence

New Link Consulting has five core consulting Service Propositions across our Practice Centres of Excellence. Our knowledge, tools and techniques are shared between and across our practices and client segments to ensure that we achieve consistency in the quality of delivery across all of our service lines. Consultants are aligned across our practices, propositions and client segments, based upon their industry experience and subject matter expertise.



Managed Services

“At New Link Consulting we truly believe that there is no substitute for experience.....a philosophy shared by our clients who have tried some of the alternatives”

David Newland, Founding Partner, New Link Consulting

Our unique blend of subject matter expertise linked with Change Management skills allows clients to reduce their risk by placing the responsibilities of quality and timeliness on us. We provide a collaborative partnership, where clients retain control and decision-making. These include:

Industry Solutions

“Innovation is the key to dealing with regulatory demands”

Dan Wright, Partner, New Link Consulting

Our technology-enabled services are aimed at providing efficient solutions for industry-wide challenges, which benefit both our individual clients and industry as a whole. Our internal innovation ‘Launchpad’ is an incubator for new ideas and a platform for our entrepreneurial skills to shine. Our first solution, ClearCompress has developed an innovative and on-demand bilateral compression service that is currently being taken up by several Tier 1 banks.