Our Story

A history we are proud of that reflects our values.

New Link Consulting was established in 2011 because we, as industry practitioners, could see how a consultancy run differently to a conventional methodology-led business, could provide the market with an increased value proposition.

Here at New Link Consulting, we are recognised for being entrepreneurial

  • entrepreneurial in how we think;
  • entrepreneurial in what we do;
  • and entrepreneurial in how we run our own business.

It’s why we exist. We seek out opportunities that others don’t see and we build our business around that. We relentlessly drive to achieve those opportunities for the benefit of our clients. We believe that with exceptional industry knowledge, professional commitment and an ability to adapt to market changes, we can make a difference to both our clients and the industry as a whole.

It’s about spirit, culture and being able to solve problems that others can’t solve or don’t even recognise as problems. It’s hard to teach people that. It has to be in their DNA.

Being entrepreneurial is not just about the work which we conduct

That’s what we believe and that’s why we not only deliver value to our clients, but why we attract and retain the best people.

Our people have all the values you’d expect in a consultant. They are client focused, deliver high quality solutions and demonstrate integrity. But more than that, they have deep industry knowledge and a relentless drive to deliver real business change. First and foremost, they have an entrepreneurial spirit which translates into everything they do.

That’s what makes New Link Consulting different.